Think Twice Biden about Running - Your legacy could go up in smoke

Perhaps, the reality might not sit well with almost all of us.

Serve eight years in the shadows, as Vice President, and when it’s finally your time to shine, here comes that candidate again from eight years ago that was looking to make history as the first woman President.

It seemed Vice President Biden that you had accepted the fact that the hand-writing was on the wall. Playing the role of a party statesman going forward.

Sure you wanted to run, but it appeared that you were at peace, and was just going to cruise into the sun-set, realizing there was no way you could beat Hillary Clinton in a primary. 

Now the odds for your success in a campaign are even worse. 

Clinton has the organization, the far advantage of a campaign war chest (Money) and of course the recent momentum from the Democratic debate.

Vice President Biden it’s your choice to run or not.  (It would be Biden’s third Presidential bid)

Unfortunately I just hope your ready for the media onslaught that is sure to come your way, should you enter the race. 

The stakes are high because your legacy could go up in smoke.

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