Catsimatidis comes out swinging against his own former indicted aide and Christine Quinn. RNN-TV Friday night at 6 pm

Tonight, (Friday night) on RNN-TV at 6 pm, Dominic Carter is going one-on-one with Billionaire Candidate for NYC Mayor John Catsimatidis. Catsimatidis will discuss in great detail, the implication of Vince Tabone, a personal employee and campaign aide, who is caught up in the alleged massive conspiracy to buy Malcolm Smith's way into the GOP primary. One of the questions he will answer, does NYC need another billionaire mayor? He is also not a fan of Christine Quinn's, and says If Quinn wants an Inspector General for the NYPD, the Inspector General should be for the City Council and millions of dollars that are missing.

You may not know Catsimatidis, but you will Friday Night. Richard French Live at 6 PM on RNN-TV.

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