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Ray Kelly Blasts Missouri Officials, 'Seriously' Considered Running for NYC Mayor

He was cautious and deliberate. I left the 30 minute interview almost shocked.
Ray Kelly, the proud former Marine and New York's longest serving police commissioner, is as strong a supporter of the police as they come. Kelly had a 47 year career in the NYPD. He's a cop's cop.
However, Kelly has enormous criticism for the authorities in Ferguson, Missouri.
Let's start by looking at the glass as half full. This was the most positive comment Kelly made in the interview about Missouri authorities. (Part One):
"This is an event of world proportions... It happened in a small town and understandably in some ways they simply were not prepared for it."
Ray Kelly and I have known each other for close to 30 years. As NYC police commissioner, in an attempt to improve police-community relations, Kelly mandated all police officers out of the academy had to come to the heart of black America.
He instituted a program where the new officers would visit Harlem and go to the same theater where many legendary music artists performed -- including Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, and a young Michael Jackson. I moderated many of Kelly's events at the Apollo Theater, where at least one thousand new officers would be present, and Kelly told me privately don't hold back anything. Tell them the way the black community views the NYPD. Put another way, Kelly called it a "cold shower," if you will, to let officers get an idea of the community perspective, and at least be aware that issues exist. (For example, this is one of the NYPD press releases: Over 1,100 NYPD recruits undergo comprehensive multicultural immersion training.)
But on this day in the conference room of the 7th floor at Kelly's new job as president of risk management at real estate giant, Cushman & Wakefield, Kelly did something I had never seen him do in all the years before. Kelly actually used his arms to illustrate holding a rifle, and questioned why in the world did law enforcement in Ferguson have rifles to handle a protest.
"I have never seen police officers in a riot control mode pointing weapons at people. I've never seen that before."
Kelly quickly added law enforcement didn't help themselves.
Kelly went on, also adding another mistake was leaving Michael Brown's body on the street for more than four hours. But in our interview, the biggest issue Ray Kelly contended with is why authorities released the Michael Brown videotape.
"No competent legal authority was consulted on that matter... It was mentioned about a freedom of information request. Freedom of Information requests can languish, for a long time."
"To officially put it out, at the same time you are identifying the officer, it looked very bad."
In 1994 Kelly also served as International Director of the police force in Haiti. In 1996, he moved over to the Department of the Treasury where he was the under secretary, supervising the Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Customs Service. New York Senator Charles Schumer even pushed for Kelly to head the FBI.
Kelly's deep law enforcement background is why it's so refreshing to see the experts tell the truth about Missouri.
He even had criticism for that now infamous posting of former 17 year LAPD officer Sunil Dutta, titled: "I'm a cop. If you don't want to get hurt, don't challenge me," and in it Dutta went on to say:
"Don't argue with me, don't call me names, don't tell me that I can't stop you, don't say I'm a racist pig, don't threaten that you'll sue me and take away my badge. Don't scream at me that you pay my salary, and don't even think of aggressively walking towards me."
Kelly's response. Mr. Dutta should have obtained different employment. (Kelly's response on this is here)
"That might be his wish list, but that's not the way the world works, and not the way it works in this country.... A lot of people voice their displeasure at the police and hey if you don't like it get another job."
Unsolicited, Kelly brought up running for NYC mayor, and said he had serious considered it.
"Campaigns have become very, very nasty these days and will only continue to move in that direction and I determined it simply wasn't the right thing for myself and my family at this stage in my life ... I thought seriously about it."
And on the controversial issue of police "Stop and Frisk" which has come under severe criticism, Kelly argues the successful program has been a victim of politics, that was in the middle of a race for mayor. He calls it a "false narrative."
"The police department had a 70 percent approval rating [which] undermines, totally, in my opinion, the false narrative ... that was put out in the last mayoral campaign that there was this huge schism between minorities and the police, particularly the African-American community, and the police. This belies that. It just simply was not the case, but it worked for the election because there was very low turnout and you are able to parse the electorate and go to, you might say, the edges, and the extremes, to a certain extent, and that's where that sort of vote was cultivated."
Kelly ruled out serving as New York police commissioner for a third time, but polling proves Kelly is very popular and certainly a guy to never say never with.
My prediction is Kelly may not be done with law enforcement or politics.

A Former Staten Island Prosecutor discusses Garner/NYPD Case. Astorino weighs in and Ray Kelly joins Dominic Carter Monday Night

Jason Leventhal, a former Assistant District Attorney in Staten Island, takes Dominic Carter through the legal ins-and-outs of the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner. This as District Attorney Dan Donovan takes the case to a Grand Jury next month.
Leventhal, who has successfully won cases AGAINST the N.Y.P.D believes, if there the grand jury decides to indict the charges will be Criminally Negligent Homicide and Manslaughter in the second degree. Leventhal believes the video will play a major role, but he also states a Staten Island Grand Jury/giving the officers the benefit of the doubt, may decide NOT to indict. You can see Dominic Carter Interview with Mr. Leventhal by clicking here.
Staten Island District Attorney announced Sunday he had close to 20 people working on the case.
Meanwhile there was this tweet as it relates to this case from Candidate for Governor Rob Astorino
 & I stand firmly behind the NYPD in the face of a growing war on cops designed by Rev Sharpton & a few spineless politicians.
a peaceful demonstration, No arrests, and no injuries.
Emotional moments for me as I I ran into the Tech people, that 20 years ago would put me
on TV on NY1. We are all at different stations, but still on the job, just men with GRAY HAIR
now, and grown children. Some of us even have Grand Children. I also ran into my
man Howard Schlectman. (below) Howard from his law enforcement past, would be out in
the field with me, assigned to watch my back. Howie and I, years ago, even went up in an
NYPD helicopter.

Monday night at 6 pm on RNN-TV/Verizon Fios News 1 Dominic Carter is going one-on-one with Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Public Advocate and a former Staten Island Prosecutor Sound off on the Eric Garner/NYPD Case To Dominic Carter

Friday night Dominic Carter went one-on-one with NYC Public Advocate Letitia James who decided to skip this weekend's Protest March in Staten Island over the NYPD/Eric Garner Case.
Meanwhile one former Staten Island Prosecutor believes there will be criminal indictments, but warns anything can happen in the Grand Jury. (You can see that interview with Dominic by clicking here) He says a murder charge would be impossible for Prosecutors SHOULD THEY EVEN GET AN INDICTMENT.

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One Hour TV Special TONIGHT on Eric Garner/NYPD Case. Dominic Carter Hosts from 6 - 7 pm

In Light of Missouri, de Blasio Looks Like a Genius

The silence is almost deafening. Where are the critics of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio now?

The pundits, and so called experts questioned why de Blasio, a liberal Democrat, would hold a City Hall Blue Room event with his Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton, on one side, and give a live microphone to the Rev. Al Sharpton on the other, where Rev. Sharpton embarrassed the mayor, and said the mayor's bi-racial son Dante (with his large afro hairstyle, that played very well to get the mayor elected) would be a "candidate for a chokehold," if he were not the mayor's son.
The critics had a field day, blasting de Blasio. Plastered on page one of the NY Post the next day was the headline, "Who's the Boss," with a photo of Bratton, de Blasio, and of course Sharpton.
Police were so enraged that as a gag, there was a fake I.D. making the rounds. One where Sharpton's photo was on it. Sharpton was elevated from number one critic of police brutality, to the title of Police Commissioner on the identification. De Blasio was even taking to task in the lead sentence of an Associated Press story.
Police have become increasingly at odds with Mayor Bill de Blasio over the appearance he is taking sides against them after the chokehold death of a black suspect last month -- a conflict that has prompted the city's top law enforcement official to do damage control by calling the mayor "very pro-cop."
The Michael Brown situation in Missouri is extremely alarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
From one autopsy report that shows Brown was shot six times (why is the public only receiving this information a week later and from legal team of Brown's family) to the looting, and to the police chief, there that has proven he is not ready for prime time. and has made a strong argument that City leaders should relieve him of his duties -- permanently and effective immediately for the good of the community. One of my colleagues on TV, former New York Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, compared the situation in Missouri to Bull Conner who of course was the infamous police chief during the anti-segregation protests in downtown Birmingham Alabama. (You can see the TV segment here,)
But I return to my original premise.
Where are Mayor de Blasio's critics on the NY situation now where there is even a video with Eric Garner saying repeatedly he could not breath as police attempted to arrest him, and an apparent NYPD illegal choke-hold was used?
A lot of people have been asking why was there violence in Ferguson Missouri, but not in NYC.
  1. First off, New York officials got out in front of the situation quickly.
  2. The Mayor and Police Commissioner Bratton immediately said it appeared to them that an illegal choke hold had been used on Eric Garner.
  3. The Mayor put off his Europe vacation for a day, and even reached out to Garner's family.
Of equal importance, and granted, it did not sit well with the police community and police unions, but Rev. Al Sharpton's message representing the family of Eric Garner was unfiltered by City Leaders. The same new mayor (de Blasio) did not try to meet with Sharpton in private, and then "spin" the situation. De Blasio by meeting with Sharpton, and letting him have his say, reassured communities of color and thus lowered the temperature in New York. The NY Times is even now praising Deblasio's handling of the situation.
There, of course, is still outrage at what happened to Eric Garner, but as of this writing, NY communities of color have taken a wait and see approach as to the investigation, and it is reassuring to these communities to know that Sharpton is top of the situation.
In light of Missouri, do the critics still think NY Mayor Bill de Blasio is weak and that he caved in to Sharpton? Or perhaps, did de Blasio's actions avert violence? Maybe de Blasio should be in Missouri to help there.