Nice pleasant surprise.  Bambi and company were on my lawn this Sunday Morning.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson Joins Dominic Carter

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson and TV Journalist Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter had a lovely time Thursday night sharing the stage in midtown with Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. Carter was the Emcee.

The District Attorney vowed his office will quote, “continue to have the courage to also free people that have been wrongly convicted.”
The event was attended by major Business and Political Leaders.

Woman Power

Folks this Businesswoman is THE REAL DEAL.
Cheryl McKissack and her sister represent the 5th generation of a century old business, McKissack & McKissack. the oldest minority and woman owned professional design and construction firm IN THE NATION.
Go Cheryl.
Ranging from being Included with the  Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, the World Trade Center and Columbia University’s expansion.…/an-interview-with-cheryl-mckissack…
Cheryl McKissack was at a Manhattan Event Thursday night, organized by longtime community activist Bertha Lewis, (The Black Institute) and Dominic Carter was the Emcee.  Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson also received an award, and shared the stage with Dominic Carter

Thank You SUNY Cortland -Dominic Carter Loves The Honor

Thank You SUNY Cortland for making Dominic Carter one of your most famous Graduates Ever. 
It's quite humbling to be the first one from your family to ever attend college, on full financial aid... out of the projects in the Bronx, and to be be rated as one of the TOP SIX graduates EVER with Actor Kevin James being number one. 
People that are still in my corner today, all these years later. Amanda The-malvoisin was actually my counselor when I started in the Summer Program at SUNY-Cortland. Amanda has a heart of gold, and is one of the best basketball players I have ever met. Mary Palmer Williams is one of my good friends, and we came in the same class together. I'm sure Mary remembers that I was just a young man that was just trying to survive. Folks like my man Bill Serratore introducing me to Broadcasting via the campus radio station as a way to meet girls. Bill it worked. I love you forever man. 
There was some pain. We lost my man David Potter. David was murdered during a robbery as he worked managing a gas station for extra money.David and I started out as Theater Majors. In one play, "Steam Bath," where we wore nothing but towels, and the only female cast member was topless, David and I had a scene where we had to kiss each other on the lips.…
The late Ted Demme (yes, the Hollywood Director) and I cut a deal as students. I would teach him to be cool, and in return he would teach me radio/and broadcasting. RIP Ted, you advice worked. Ted would go on to start something called "Yo- MTV Raps," and bring Rap Music to the world. Back then, Ted and I were just kids, dreaming of making it. Madonna's Music was just starting to take off, and my side job was to D.J at one of the bars on Main Street. (Toody Muldoons) 
Young people will find this hard to believe, but there were NO RAP stations in every market back then. ZERO. You were lucky if a station every now and then played an urban record. The year was 1982. We didn't have the internet, cell phones, nada. (to the best of my memory)…/famous-suny-college-at-co…/reference

Way to Go Hudson Link

Sing-Sing Superintendent Michael Capra, his wife Jackie, and Dominic Carter

"Reaching for New Tomorrows" was on the cover of the 2015 Spring Benefit Dinner held for the remarkable program, Hudson Link at the Grand Hyatt in Midtown Manhattan.
Hudson Link is the outstanding program that raises money to privately pay for college education for Prison Inmates, and Journalist Dominic Carter was the emcee at the event held last night, May 14th, 2015.
Hudson Link Board President Christian French, and Executive Director Sean Pica did an excellent job pulling it all together. Former Corrections Commissioner Brian Fischer was on hand, and the current superintendent of Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Michael Capra and his wife Jackie.
Awards went to an amazing woman, Alexandra Pierre, who was once Incarcerated in the NY Correctional System, and now released, has completed a Master's Degree and is working on a Ph.D. Living Proof of "each one, teach one."
The other award went to the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell for all the work they do on behalf of those locked up in the correctional system.  It was presented by an emotional Amy Meacham, who when she was incarcerated, had to fight for her own daughter.
This program has been honored with numerous documentaries, like on HBO, "The University of Sing Sing," and with "Zero Percent."  (which is reflective of the fact that the recidivism rate in the country is more than 40 percent-released inmates that end up back in Prison)  Hudson Link's recidivism rate is less than 5 percent.
It was Dominic Carter's honor to emcee the event for the second year in a row.

Some of the other photos can be seen here.

What's Up Mark Green

Had a great lunch visiting my man MARK GREEN today at his place- The Former Candidate for NYC Mayor and Public Advocate.

Remember the 2001 Race?

Mark was a heartbeat from becoming mayor and then 9/11 occurred.
The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks happened on the morning of the Democratic primary, which ended up being postponed and contributed to Green's loss.

Green went on to lose to Michael Bloomberg  50% - 48%, and Bloomberg spent an unprecedented $74 million dollars.

Mark I miss our years together doing the NY1 Wiseguys.

It was always 2 against 1, and man did you hold your own.  You against two giants- Former Mayor Ed Koch, and Former Senator Al D'Amato. Every week, on Live TV.

What's remarkable is that Green is not bitter at all.  I greatly look forward to reading his upcoming book.

Mark it was also nice seeing your beautiful and lovely wife Deni. Only thing that was missing were you kids,  Jonah, and Jenya.  I can't believe they are both grown adults. Jenya, with her own family.  

Wow!!! I guess you and I are getting old. 2001 race after all was almost 14 years ago.  Wow!!!

Hero Cop Brian Moore - A Sad Day For The City of New York/Mississippi

One of my saddest assignments ever as a journalist was to cover Friday's funeral for 25 year old Police Officer Brian Moore in Seaford Long Island. A young man, again 25 year's old, who gave his life for a city and a community to keep guns off the streets in Queens.
Tens of Thousands mourned the hero officer, law enforcement officials from around the country. From places like New Jersey, Chicago, Wyoming, and several cities from California.
P.B.A President Pat Lynch, perhaps summed everything up in this interview he did with Verizon FiOS News/Dominic Carter.
Our hearts go out to the NYPD, and to the family of Officer Brian Moore.  His father, and uncle worked in the same capacity for the New York Police Department.
In many respects, Officer Moore was just starting to live his life.  And now, we also have the situation in Mississippi, where two police officers have lost their lives during a traffic stop. Just imagine, their mothers, wives, and family members had to bring in Mother's Day, with this horrible, horrible news.

Please, thank a law enforcement official when you see one, for all that they do for us.