Sheldon Silver Found Guilty on All 7 Counts - Good Government Group Responds

Good Government group Citizens Union reacts to Sheldo Silver Conviction.We spoke live to Citizens Union leader Dick Dadey.

Tonight the only hold-out Juror. Without her, Silver would have been convicted in just hours -- but she gave in 3 days later based "on the evidence." Verizon FiOS TV/RNN live at 6 pm.

I will be live from now, the Dean Skelos Trial.  Here was part two of the TV conversation.


Sheldon Silver Verdict/Tuesday Night Chat with Jurors

My live reporting tonight on Sheldon Silver Verdict. Silver is probably looking at a sentence of approximately 20 years from Judge Valerie Caproni.

Tomorrow I will have a conversation with two of the Jurors. Verizon FiOS News/RNN TV at 6pm as I'm live from the Dean Skelos Trial.

We need another Assault Weapons Ban - WABC Radio at 10 AM

Join me on WABC at the top of the hour ar 10 AM. 770 AM. Happy Monday.COLORADO SPRINGS. WE NEED ANOTHER ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN NOW. #WABCradio

Join me on WABC Radio Monday in for Geraldo at 10 AM

Join me in for Geraldo at 10 AM Monday Morning on WABC Radio.  770 AM. The latest regarding the recent shooting in Colorado Springs.  I will make the strong case for further and tighter GUN CONTROL in light of also the violence in Urban America. Spike Lee's new movie, "Chi-Raq" couldn't have more accurate timing. (The movie is about the unspeakable gun violence in Chicago and the death count in Iraq)   The photo above is when I last saw Spike at a rally in DC with his daughter. You can listen from all around the country.

CHI-RAQ Official Trailer (2015) A Spike Lee Joint, HD

Other topics are the Sheldon Silver Jury Deliberations, and Donald Trump

Trump Should Apologize - Join me at 10 AM this Friday morning, in for Geraldo

I'm in for Geraldo this Black Friday morning on WABC Radio.

Right out the gate at 10:00 AM, TRUMP should apologize for mocking a disabled reporter. 770 AM.  WABC 10 AM to Noon. I'm taking calls on this one from all over the country. You can listen here.

Trump for the first hour.


The Silver Corruption Trial - Case In Hands of the Jury- In For Geraldo today and tomorrow

Happy Thanksgiving, and I see you at 10 AM today and tomorrow. En Route to fill in for Geraldo at 10 AM on WABC.  This was my conversation last night with Sheldon Silver at his trial. 770 AM.  I'm taking calls from all over the country.  Gobble...Gobble. (Smile)

The Silver Corruption Trial - Jury Has Begun Deliberations

Deliberations are underway, but what does Federal Judge Valerie Caproni do with a hold-out juror ONLY two hours into the process. 

I WILL BE BACK AT THE COURTHOUSE TODAY. (Wednesday) Last night I talked with a former Federal Prosecutor.