Kansas Welfare Crack Down

The Great State of Kansas just signed into law some of the country's strictest prohibitions on where welfare money can and can't be spent. Concerts are out, so are Casinos, Lingerie, Fortune tellers, tattoos. I say the restrictions are a good thing, but of course others might disagree.
I have heard the argument that such a move as this one, demonizes the poor, and such a welfare ban is unnecessary because who in the first place uses their welfare grant to pay for such items.
You would be surprised.
This is by no means to broad-brush and demonize everyone that receives public assistance, but I counter with what is wrong with having an official policy so that state residents that happen to receive welfare in Kansas, know what is acceptable under the rules and what is not.
The fact of the matter is I have personally seen people that in New York “game” the system, from simply having more kids to increase their welfare money per month and to avoid workfare programs, to people standing in front of stores, illegally selling their food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar.
I do admit tracking the money is almost impossible, and most people do spend the money on basic necessities.
But Bravo to the state of Kansas.

Close to two dozen states have passed restrictions on state benefit cards in attempts to prevent purchases on items like alcohol and gambling.

1,800 Women: Maternity Ward Directly to NYC Homeless Shelter

Mother’s Day is almost here, and 1,800 Women take their Newborn Infant “home” to a NYC homeless Shelter.
25,000 children are calling a homeless shelter their place of residence.
Yes, society is ultimately robbing these kids of their childhood, and making them fall behind academically, where they spend the rest of their school years trying to catch up, if at all.

I spoke to longtime Homeless Activist Mary Brosnahan of the Coalition for the Homeless down at their office on Fulton Street. For decades, Brosnahan has fought the good fight.
“These moms and kids are almost universally homeless because they can’t afford housing.” She said.
Brosnahan says the Homeless policies of new Mayor Bill Deblasio are a step in the right direction, but the past is hard to overcome.
“Without a doubt. (She said, praising Deblasio, but then criticized the two past mayors) We had two decades, first Giuliani who had a complete criminalization approach to homelessness and tried to get rid of the right to shelter, which the coalition established, and then you had Bloomberg who initially seemed to understand that we needed to have more NYCHA (public housing) and more section 8, and then completed backed off any housing based solutions. Brosnahan said with her always calm demeanor. (But you can tell the homeless history offends her to her core)
And yes, Brosnahan says the perception may indeed be reality about more homeless people on the subways these days. She points to Governor Cuomo’s role in all of this.
“All the money that was saved by closing down those psychiatric hospitals was never transferred into community based housing and support services. “
However, I just could not get over the new perspective Brosnahan gave me on Mother’s Day when she told me that over the past year alone, over 1,800 newborn babies were brought “home” to a homeless shelter, and that over the past year, NYC has made records for all the wrong reasons. That’s 42,000 different kids spent at least a night in a New York City Homeless Shelter last year.
I'm far from a bleeding heart liberal, but this is shameful.
It was pleasant to hear that the Coalition for the Homeless does have a summer camp for the Children in Bear Mountain. (about an hour drive outside NYC, right off the palisades Interstate Parkway)
I state all of this, as the state of Kansas just signed into law some of the country's strictest prohibitions on where welfare money can and can't be spent.  Concerts are out, Casinos, Lingerie, Fortune tellers, tattoos.  I say maybe that's a good thing, but I can understand how others might disagree.
I asked Brosnahan why is she such a strong Homeless advocate, and she said:
“I was drawn to this issue because it’s so solvable.”
“Kids steal your heart. They have the same dreams that our kids do.” She said.
Amen. Kids do steal your heart, and we as a society must do better by them.

Kansas Welfare Crackdown-Dominic Carter says it's a good thing

The Great State of Kansas just signed into law some of the country's strictest prohibitions on where welfare money can and can't be spent.  Concerts are out, so are Casinos, Lingerie, Fortune tellers, tattoos.   Dominic Carter say the restrictions are a good thing, but of course others might disagree.

Homless Kids in NYC Record 42,000 Slept in a Shelter Last Year

With Mother's Day coming, please consider, 1,800 new mothers go from the Hospital with their infant baby DIRECTLY to a homeless shelter, AND a record 42,000 children slept in NYC Homeless Shelters last year.  Dominic Carter spoke with Mary Brosnahan of the Coalition for the Homeless.

Dominic Carter, Mary Brosnahan Coalition for the Homeless, Homeless children, Mother's day

News Reporter Dominic Carter talks with Mary Brosnahan about homeless children in New York city.

Homless Kids in NYC  Record 42,000 Slept in a Shelter Last Year

Hillary Did Not Leave a Tip. Are We Serious?


The Complexities of Being Hillary.
So Hillary Clinton completed her first visit as a Presidential Candidate, and she proved just how serious she is by visiting a State where she finished a disappointing third place in 2008, Iowa.
We already know that Hillary Clinton is one of the most vetted candidates ever for public office, but we are witnessing up front that when your Hillary Clinton, with the media, sometimes you can't win for losing.
Previously, in 2008, Hillary Clinton was criticized for ignoring Iowa, and this time around she heads to Iowa immediately, right out the gate, driving there, and engaging in “retail,” politics, the way Iowans demand of their candidates. One-on-one contact, and she is attacked in the media for meeting with small crowds at a diner and a local community college. Translation, if Mrs. Clinton spoke to an large audience, she would have been attacked for only meeting with a large group.
But there is more.
Hillary, enroute to Iowa stops at Chipotle in Maumee, Ohio, and conservatives, want to talk about she did not leave a tip. About a year ago, I had breakfast with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, and he told me that he often leaves more than a $70.00 tip, just for this reason, that he is afraid the matter when end up in the Page Six gossip column.
His question is simple.
Do you know anyone that’s gone to Chipotle, and left a tip?
The manager at the store pointed out that they do have a tip jar, but come on people.
Is this the best critics can come up with?

Rubio is Running... for V.P at Best

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has to know that there exist no path for him to win the Republican Nomination for President. The first reason, he has consistently polled from behind.
Of course, Rubio's candidacy will lean heavily on his personal story as the son of Cuban immigrants, but the 43 year old first term senator has to know there is no energetic constituency for him, even with conservatives.
"Grounded by the lessons of our history, but inspired by the promise of our future, I announce my candidacy for President of the United States of America," Rubio told supporters at Miami's Freedom Tower.
One has to keep in mind…after he worked on the failed immigration bill, Rubio went from GOP rising star and Tea Party darling to facing declining approval ratings in his home state, and hecklers at town hall meetings.
As CNN reported: “The senator consistently polls in the middle of the GOP primary pack, trailing fellow Floridian Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and even more conservative alternatives like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.”
Perhaps Rubio has a message that may connect, but the support is not there for him---even from Latinos.
"My candidacy might seem improbable to some watching from abroad," Rubio said. "In many countries, the highest office in the land is reserved for the rich and powerful. But I live in an exceptional country, I live in an exceptional country, where even the son of a bartender and a maid can have the same dreams and the same future as those who come from power and privilege."
Rubio can’t even promise his home state of Florida with Jeb Bush in his way.
So why run, if he can’t win.
The answer is simple as I argued on TV with my colleagues. Rubio is getting his name out there with the American People, and coming off of the country's history of electing Obama, should the Republican Nominee feel they need to shake things up for the Fall General election campaign and attempt to make history, Rubio perhaps then can be the guy.
Remember, the Democrats have Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro out there in the wings. Castro is telegenic, Latino, and young. The former mayor of San Antonio also aced his prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention.
Republicans may need a counter if Castro is number two on the Democratic Ticket.

It May Be Hillary’s Turn


One would go on to make history, and the other simply could not.
It was early June 2008, and I was standing there in the historic National Building Museum, in the nation’s capital for the stunning announcement.
Hillary Clinton was “suspending” her presidential campaign, and as enthusiastically as possible-given the circumstances, endorsed Barack Obama. It was always my contention that if Clinton only had another month in the primary season, she could have pulled it off, but the clock literally ran out on her.
I will never forget talking to many of the women at the DC National Building Museum, and they were angry. Some of the women even vowed to not support the Democratic nominee. However, as expected, party unity won out, in the end.
The conventional wisdom at the time was Hillary had blown her opportunity, and would be too old to run for the nomination again assuming the sitting Democratic President would serve two terms.
I never bought into that argument, and sure enough it already looks like for 2016, Hillary Clinton is the inevitable nominee. But be careful Hillary, it looked the same identical way in 2008. No one has to ever remind you of the painful past that your stars were not aligned.
It’s almost two for one.
Democrats had the chance to make history with the first African American President, and now possibly with the first woman President.
Out the gate, it was smart to start her campaign on the internet, being able to totally control the environment. (That’s the point I made on TV)
Let the campaign begin.