Tension at the DNC

Tension at the Convention

Dallas Police Chief: We're Asking Cops to do Too Much

We are asking our Police Officers to do too much.  Society demands that Police Officers be Social Workers, Mental Health Expert, teacher, role model, and parents to someone else's children. 

I still remember being fresh out of Journalism graduate school at Syracuse University, and being assigned the Eleanor Bumpers Trial.  A  highly controversial Police Shooting case of an elderly African American Grandmother where a state judge dismissed a manslaughter indictment against the police officer who killed her with two shotgun blasts after being called to her apartment in the Bronx in an eviction dispute.
I still remember how reality slapped me in the case when I looked at the crime scene photos from the Bumpers case and had to run to the bathroom and vomit. I had never seen someone's hand blown off by a shotgun blast. District Attorney Merola said the grand jury had given great weight to testimony by two physicians that the first blast tore off Mrs. Bumpurs's right hand and shattered a 10-inch knife she was holding. ''The ruling ducks the $64 question,'' Mr. Merola said. ''It was anatomically impossible for her to hold the knife after the first shot.' 

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Warning - Video of Louisiana Police Shooting is EXTREMELY Graphic

Federal prosecutors opened a civil-rights probe into the police shooting of an African American man in Louisiana, as a second disturbing video emerged of him pinned to the pavement and being blasted by a cop at point-blank range. 
Baton Rouge police insisted that 37-year-old Alton Sterling was armed when two white officers approached him during the early Tuesday morning confrontation.
But in two sets of video of the shooting, Sterling cannot be seen with any weapon.