Trump is Presumptive GOP Nominee

As Dominic Carter predicted from Day 1, Trump is the Republican/GOP Nominee

A view from inside the Sheldon Silver courtroom/12 years

This is what the "Liveshot TV Row" looked like  at the  sentencing of #sheldonsilver. He's hoping to go to Otisville Federal Prison in NY State with the judge's help. Here is the story I did on TV Tuesday night.

From the bench, Judge Caproni alluded to alleged affairs he had. Sentenced him to 12 years. Forfeits  5 MILLION.  Fined another 1.7 milliion. This is what silver said before being sentenced: "Without question, I let down my constituents, I let down my family, let down my colleagues, and I’m truly, truly sorry for that,” But don't forget the Supreme court can change all of this, especially what is going on with the case of former Virginia Gov. MCDONALD.Silver left the courthouse out of a side door surrounded by about 150 cameras. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara sat in the back of the courtroom. Silver walked in about 15 minutes before the proceedings with his hat in his hand and took a deep breath before walking to the defendants table. His lawyers passionately argued for community service and home confinement. The JUDGE was having none of it

What was Larry Wilmore thinking? (Zaino, Hayworth, Carter and Panel)

Newsman Dominic Carter doesn't wish any ill will to Larry Wilmore's career, but what was Wilmore thinking, (and sarcastically) what was he smoking!!! How we took on the topic on TV. (VerizonFiOS/RNN)

President Obama did extremely well at the White House Correspondents Dinner with his witty comments and epic mike drop.

An Open Letter to Comedian Larry Willmore

Dear Brother Wilmore:

I WILL HAVE ALOT TO SAY ABOUT THIS AT 2PM  today, (Monday) ON 77WABCRadio. You can also listen from around the country online and call in:
I understand the game well.  Controversy sells, and makes our careers more marketable, but at what cost?  Saturday  night YOU CROSSED THE LINE.  I KNOW IT WAS A TOUGH CROWD FOR YOU, AND THE JOKES FELL FLAT.  These things happen.  However to end your skit, talking some non-sense about you are going to keep "it 100," and then to proceed to use the "N" word in the presence of the President of the United States, (the first Black President) was despicable AND you set us back about 50 years.  How can we stop kids of color from calling each other "N" WHEN YOU JUST CALLED THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, My 'N. "

Supporters will say you meant it as a term of endearment. That you were showing your love, respect, and pride for Obama.  But now what happens when a white person follows your lead? AND you said this with the most powerful media people in the world in the audience. A white person says it, and we are all ready to scream bloody murder, but we want to commonly use one of the most hateful words ever to describe ourselves.  Brother I know you want to go to the top.  Nothing is wrong with that, so do I, but come on, let's end this self-hatred thing.  You are bigger than this.  All kids are going to know is that you called the President of the United States, my "N."

The next time when someone who is not African American, as a term of "endearment" says to you what's up my "N" I wonder if you will find it funny? You just made HISTORY Mr. Wilmore.  You called the first black president the "N" word in front of the national press corps. There are those of us that fight everyday from inside the newsrooms of America to have our community covered, and to fight institutional racism, and here you come with your "humor." Come on Brother.

From one Black Man to Another.

De Blasio Admin Subject Of 5 Separate Probes/Chat with George Artz

George Artz, who was the Press Secretary for Ed Koch is one of the few that can explain what it is like for City Hall to be under investigation. He says quote:

“It is overwhelming. Your fearful for how your colleagues are going to do before Grand Juries, You hope they don’t wide up on perjury charges. It takes an enormous amount of time and derails the Mayor’s agenda.”  

We sat down and interviewed Artz about the Deblasio situation.

McGreevey: "America will reap what it sows for large jailing of Blacks"

We have a remarkable interview coming up next week, Former NJ governor jim McGreevey  who  does prisoner re entry work.

McGreevey says America locks up more blacks than apartheid south Africa did, decimating African American families.

McGreevey is warning America that you reap what you sow.

Verizon Fios TV  RNN.

Sliwa and Carter at noon/WABC radio

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