Talking to Residents that live in the Projects.

I spent time at the Boston Secor Houses in the Bronx, talking to people that live there, in their own words.

Mother's Day Tea at Caldwell AME Church/Bronx

I had a Lovely, lovely time with the mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers in the Bronx today. Thank You. WABC Radio at noon Monday.77WABC AM.  #testimony #AMEChurch #PastorEzraTMaize

Thank You Pennsylvania

Great time last night here in Pennsylvania. Michigan is next Friday. God Bless everyone.

Al Sharpton on President Trump

And Rev. Sharpton even makes a "rhyme" at the end of this clip that WE JUST HAD to include... (at about 4 minutes) Hey at least we know he is watching Verizon FiOS TV News.

Dealing with PTSD. The story of Newark Police Officer William Thomas

This is the remarkable life story of an Iraq Veteran, who also served as a Newark NJ undercover narcotics officer and did work with the D.E.A. He tried to commit suicide twice because of PTSD. This man, William Thomas is an American Hero. He also believes the public would be shocked to find out the number of Police Officers that have thought about suicide.

 #Williamthomas #Policeofficers #Iraq #woundedwarriorsproject