Liang is looking at 15 years in Akai Gurley Case

Former Officer Liang is looking at 15 years when sentenced April 14. The Brooklyn District Attorney, family members, and defense counsel spoke to us.  

#PeterLiang #NYPD #AkaiGurley

Bernie comes to Harlem

Harlem awaits Bernie Sanders. He's Meeting with Sharpton  at Sylvia's rest. #Bernie2016 #BernieSanders

Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live

Bernie Sanders was pretty good on SNL Sat Night. He enters at 2:10 in. Larry David has played Sanders in spot-on sketches several times in  on Saturday night live.

It may help Sanders Tuesday night with the primary.

Chris Christie's Biggest Donor is his Bridgegate Law firm

Gov. Christie was effectively on the attack at the Saturday night Republican Debate, slowing down Marco Rubio, but it may be too little too late.  Christie's campaign is going no-where.

This as it was revealed Christie's Biggest donor was his Bridgegate Law firm.

Race to the White House - New Hampshire Primary Just Days Away

The New Hampshire primary is right around the corner, and before we blink,  New Hampshire  will be over.

Lots at stake on the Democratic and Republican side.  Even though Trump is way ahead, should he lose, this will be the beginning of the end.

Hillary will finish better than what the polls have predicted, which will permit her to claim victory.

After New Hampshire, the democratic race is over.

Smart To Declare Iowa Victory - Hillary Stole the Narrative and Bernie's Momentum

Brilliant move by team Clinton to declare victory, EVEN BEFORE they knew they won in Iowa.

It permitted Hillary to control the narrative in a positive way for at least 1 to 3 days in New Hampshire, and at a minimum, she stalled Bernie Sanders well earned momentum in his neighboring state.

A narrow first win followed by a loss in New Hampshire to Bernie is much better as opposed to going down in defeat twice. The latter surely would have meant non-stop comparisons to her failed 2008 campaign against Barack Obama.

No matter how small the victory in Iowa, all Hillary Clinton has to do is make it to South Carolina, Then game over.  She will be the democratic nominee.