Hillary Clinton in Email Hot Seat. Dominic Carter says critics have something to talk about

Hillary Clinton is in the Hot Seat, as surely Congress will Launch Investigation into her Emails. However this is much ado about nothing. Yet, GOP folks will use the mails  as a way of further casting the former senator as secretive, and untrustworthy.


Also, Here is a funny Cartoon from Bloomberg: Watch Cartoon Hillary Clinton Responding to Emails Today,” from Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” – 2 min. video:


Rudy being Rudy on Obama Patriotism

It seems like he is finally back-tracking, but America, meet the Rudy Giuliani that New Yorkers were all too familiar with. You may have noticed his standard method operandi is only one way, and that is to relentlessly attack some more.
Granted, former elected officials try to stay relevant when they leave office, and to stay in the public eye, this means from time-to-time engaging in political theatrics on television with inflammatory comments. Democrats do it, Republicans do it, Independents do it.
If ever there was a case to illustrate this point, look at the actions of this one-time failed presidential candidate. I know Giuliani well, having moderated live TV shows with him, and shared personal and private time with him in the basement City Hall apartment for NY’s Chief Executive, but “America’s Mayor,” broadside against President Obama is giving new meaning to the term attack-mode.
What make matters worse. Giuliani said Obama has been under Communist influence since age 9.
Then in classic Giuliani form, there was more, as he told CNN.
"There's a real attempt to make it a racial criticism. It has nothing to do with race," Giuliani said, pointing out that "he was brought up by the way by a white mother and white grandparents."
Rudy is a workaholic, but maybe its time for a vacation.
This all started at a New York dinner for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential GOP presidential contender, Mr. Giuliani said Wednesday night that the Democratic president does not “love America.”
“He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country,” Mr. Giuliani said.
Just weeks ago, nationally, Giuliani also found himself on the defensive when he took on the issue of “Black on Black Crime. It is this writer’s strong opinion, on that occasion, political correctness may not have been in his corner, but Giuliani was correct with his assessment. This time I ask you. Did he go too far?
Democrats charged Rudy was playing the Race Card.
Mr. Giuliani told several media outlets, that, in his opinion, “as an American citizen, that our president does not emphasize enough his love of America. He emphasizes his criticisms of America, which has created an impression that he doesn’t love America enough—I don’t mean that as a psychological analysis.” Giuliani said.
The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,dismissed Mr. Giuliani and tried to tie him to the rest of the 2016 Republican presidential field.
Investigative Journalist Wayne Barrett stated in a NY Daily News Column, “What Rudy know about Love,” that severely attacked Giuliani’s personal life.
As far as the President’s heritage, his grandfather served in World War II while his grandmother worked on a B-29 assembly line.
As a journalist that closely covered Giuliani’s tenure in New York, Giuliani’s flare for not backing down, and speaking out was often refreshing for those of us that covered him. This is the same mayor that in a State of the City Address, on the second floor of City Hall that vowed in frustration that the Board of Education should be in his direct words: “blown up.”
I call this: “Rudy being Rudy.”
Let’s not forget, Giuliani as mayor of NY was highly polarizing, though he did clean the city up. Giuliani goes in attack-mode, full throttle….
and this time…. he was not winning in the court of public opinion.
I too, join you Giuliani as millions of Americans do, in wishing President Obama would use the term “Muslim Terrorists,” but to question Obama’s patriotism was a low blow.
And Maybe, just maybe Rudy is getting the message.
This is what Giuliani has said Sunday in a Wall Street Journal op-ed:
"My blunt language suggesting that the president doesn’t love America notwithstanding, I didn’t intend to question President Obama’s motives or the content of his heart," Giuliani said.
"My intended focus really was the effect his words and his actions have on the morale of the country, and how that effect may damage his performance." Giuliani said.

Lady Screams "Oh My God," as LAPD kill Homeless Man

Lady Screams "Oh My God," as LAPD kill Homeless Man. EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO


We all cry for little Elijah. His Death has shocked the world

Little Elijah had wandered, as children do.
But the short life of Elijah Marsh was truly heart breaking.
It’s the type of story that instantly breaks your heart.
On Friday night, as someone who speaks all around the country on the topics of Foster Care and Child Abuse, all I could do was put my hands on my head, and cry after reading about Elijah's story. A grown man, 50 years of age, crying like a child. (several times)
I didn’t know 3 year old Elijah, but this baby, died in one of perhaps the worst ways possible. Little Elijah, was found frozen to Death, locked outside in his diaper after wandering out of his Grandmother’s apartment. It was minus 27 Degrees in that Toronto Canada community.
Elijah wandered into the cold Thursday night, wearing nothing but a diaper, T-shirt and boots – and was found dead near his home. Elijah was reportedly huddled up to an air conditioner unit just 1,000 feet away from where he got locked out of his family's apartment. He may have spent up to six hours in the nearly impossible temperatures.
Hundreds of people had volunteered to help find the boy when his family awoke to find him gone. Police wept as they carried his body to an ambulance, the NY Daily News reported.
There is nothing good that can come out of this situation. A baby…..a baby froze to death in the cold. But there is a little solace, some hope.
The community has come through to help Elijah’s family with funeral costs via a crowd-funding site which has been set up.
Elijah’s death prompted Justin Kozuch, a Toronto man who has a three-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter, to start a campaign on Tilt.com to help raise money. Close to now 200,000 in donations from more than 3,000 people. Tilt.com waived all credit card fees for those who contributed. It all started with a $20,000 target. Sadly, nothing will bring back this precious baby.

All I could think about Friday night is when I was in Canada just a few months agospeaking to the Foster Parents Society of Ontario. Lovely, beautiful people that care, and greatly care about the children in their care. Foster Parents that I will never forget. In May I will be in the Toronto area, but this time before the League of Ontario Foster Families.

But please, let’s make sure we NEVER forget little Elijah.

Dominic Carter is so proud of his son

Proof to Foster Children, and all others that you can overcome ANYTHING in Life.

Through his learning Disability, the Epilepsy, being forced to withdraw at the end of a college semester because he was hospitalized, to my poor baby being rushed to the Emergency room because of the embarrassing situation of having a seizure on campus….but at the end of the day HE DID IT. He obtained his two year degree in Journalism, and completes his four year degree next year. The “experts” told us he would never even be able to graduate from High School. They had no idea of the determination of the Carter Family. Always remember that when God is on your side, who can be against you. We love you Dominic and are so, so proud of you. Dominic’s sister got her Master’s, and graduated from Syracuse, also in Journalism. Now Dominic is on his way. I thank his mother Marilyn for the endless hours of working with our son. The point is always believe in your children. Anything is possible in life. There are kind people in the world. I will never forget when the Dallas Cowboy Football Organization, honored my son for his birthday in Dallas. I am so proud of him.


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Dominic Carter is so proud of his son