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Chris Christie to Crime, Obama

TV Journalist Dominic Carter hosted the Political Show on Verizon FiOS/RNN-TV last night. Click on highlighted term to see that section.

Christine Enters the Presidential Race

GOP Candidates Against Gay Marriage Ruling

Is Crime Rising in New York City?

Pres. Obama Has Momentum on his Side

Congrats Graduates

Hudson Valley Headlines

Bratton Talks Crime, Everything Else With Dominic Carter

NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton
Journalist Dominic Carter went one-on-one with NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton. One topic was the protests against the NYPD.
"what do we want, dead cops…… and what do we end up with….. dead cops. That where the insanity became to much." Police Commissioner William Bratton
Bratton responded to his comment about it being tough hiring black men for the NYPD,
"According to Bureau justice statistics, BJA, the official federal government statistics, 30 percent, 31 percent of African American males have spent time in prison." Police Commissioner William Bratton
But Bratton is also bringing in remarkable recruitment changes.
He also talks about what its like when he has to have that horrible, horrible conversation with a family after their loved one has been killed in the line of Duty. Here is part one of the interview, and here is part two.

The Kids & Dominic Carter talks about Youth Mentoring

What touched my heart is a letter I received, just recently,  for being the Graduation Speaker at a school.

This is a direct quote:

"After the ceremony many parents and students told me to thank you for giving them hope for a brighter future."

It's a great feeling to know that we can all give someone "hope for a brighter future,"

The letter continued:

"We may never know how much of an impact your story will have on the lives in the audience, but I know that you will always be remembered as the most powerful graduation key note speaker thus far at ......" (I prefer to leave the school name out)

It takes five minutes to help mentor a young person around you.

It is all about the Kids.

Sharpton on South Carolina, and candidly reveals fears of his own safety

In light of the situation in South Carolina, Dominic Carter went one-on-one with the Rev. Al Sharpton, and Sharpton admits he has added concerns about his own safety. here is the TV segment.

Quoting Sharpton:

"Every Morning, I know that there are people in America that wish I didn't wake up." (Rev. Al Sharpton)

"Anybody that walks up to me could be asking to shake my hand, asking to take a picture, or trying to blow my brains out, and I know that because it happened to me when a man stuck a knife in my chest." (Rev. Al Sharpton)

Dominic Carter:  "Why Rev. Sharpton is your voice cracking?"

"Because I don't think people understand that I like anybody, want to see my children grow and be prosperious. I don't have a death wish." (Rev. Al Sharpton

Sharpton was also critical of the Secret Service Protection of President Obama.

The full Sharpton interview airs Thursday night at 6 pm. on Verizon FiOS News/RNN TV.  You can go to this link, and put in your zip code to find the channel in your area.

Or if you are not in the New York Tri-State area, you can watch the interview live online at this link.

Mentoring Young People - Yes We Have Our Careers, But Why I Do What I Do

Dominic Carter with young People outside Toronto Canada May 30, 2015
A letter came just last week from a NYC public school official asking me to be their Graduation Speaker, but this letter stood out. 

The second paragraph of the letter from the school official --that will remain nameless--- pointed to the sad reality in urban america.

“Our students have seen more failures than possibilities.” 

My God, we are talking about students in the 8th Grade, and the words stood out like a sore thumb. I had to read it again.

“Our students have seen more failures than possibilities.” 

The letter went on:

“As the writer, Asha Bandele says “When you consider the intelligence and breadth of your writing and activism, you come to the conclusion that there may be no better spokesperson and representative for a generation that has too long been counted out.”

I am thankful the letter ended with promise.

“Your participation at our graduation will be a life altering experience to help the students understand that when they “Look into the future,” they see purpose.”

It is humbling to think that we can result in a "life altering" experience for another human being. 

We can all change lives and motivate young people, if we just stop and spend a little time with them.

It takes five minutes to show interest in a young person that can make the difference with them having a promising life or going down the wrong path.

That letter is why I do, what I do

Please spend some time with a young person.

#Youth Mentoring #Youth Conferences