Felt Like I Was Up Against Michael Jordan

Let's be honest.  Many of us think we could go at least one minute, on the basketball court, up against a retired Michael Jordan.

Don't do it.

I found out the hard way, that such a terrible assumption IS SO UNTRUE. I went one-on-one in a game of Chess with an International Chess Grand Master. It felt like Jordan was dunking on me, on each and every play, without even breaking a sweat.

His name is Maurice Ashley, and he lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Nice guy, but don't waste your time playing Chess against him. Its like going up against Jordan.

This is the story I did on Maurice Ashley on TV.


Ernie Davis in a fight for his political life

This is from the column of widely regarded and influential columnist Phil Reisman in the Journal News.

The challengers accused each other of incompetence, too, but Davis was the featured lightning rod. At one point, Dominic Carter, the seasoned TV journalist and debate moderator, raised the topic of the mayor’s leadership style.
Each of the candidates took a crack at the question: Was Davis arrogant? Davis had his own answer, which he delivered it in a laid-back drawl that is such a familiar facet of his entertaining persona that it ought to be registered as a trademark.
“I’ve earned the right to be arrogant,” he pronounced.
He told his critics to “get real.”


Imagine: Hillary against Trump. Both with Latino Running Mates

Let’s face it.  

Iowa is not exactly a bell weather state in terms of selecting the winning presidential candidate. That honor belongs much more to the buckeye state of Ohio. 

Iowa is a state to watch…..and more importantly Iowa does provide momentum, especially for the candidates that meet or exceeds expectations.

So just imagine this scenario.  Some Americans might consider a scary situation, but think about it.

Donald Trump wins the Iowa Caucuses which plays heavily to conservative candidates. (on the republican side)

Trump walks into New Hampshire, where in the granite state, voters are known for their independent streak, and wins again.

Then he heads to what would have to be Trump's stronghold, the south, and the "SEC Primary,"and starts winning there.

Trump will have momentum, money, and glowing press coverage for pulling off victories in a presidential race, as a political novice.

There might be no stopping him at that point for the republican nomination, and anything can happen once you make it to the general election.

If Hillary Clinton is the nominee on the other side, the only thing that might stop Trump is if she puts a Latino official on her ticket like Julian Castro, the U.S. housing and urban development secretary and former mayor of San Antonio. He was considered a rising star in the party when he gave the keynote speaker address at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Trump, up against that ticket, would almost have to counter with relative new start, Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Let the games began.

Mount Vernon NY Mayoral Debate 2015-Video Dominic Carter Moderates

It was my honor to moderate the Mount Vernon NY Mayoral Debate last night. 
Incumbent Mayor Ernie Davis declared he was smarter than all the candidates on the stage combined.

Dominic Carter Moderates Debate Tonight for Mt. Vernon Mayor

I'm looking forward to moderating tonight's debate for Mt. Vernon Mayor.  Six candidates....I will try to keep it under control. Being held at Wartburg.


Cuomo beats Deblasio AGAIN: “Times Square Boobs,” and John McEnroe please have a seat.

A good public official finds a way to lead.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is like the starting quarterback of the Varsity Team.

Mayor Bill Deblasio is looking like he's not even a lock to make the JV squad

Deblasio vows a panel will study the quality of life issue of topless women with their boobs painted, taking photos with mostly tourists for tips in Times Square. Then the mayor even raised the possibility of doing away with the pedestrian’s plaza.

What does Cuomo do?

On Saturday he sends in state troopers to times square, working on behalf of the State Labor Department/questioning the women and their how do we say this, “male managers.” 

In other words, Cuomo is doing politics 101. He has found a creative way to lead, and yet again makes his nemesis Bill Deblasio look like amateur hour.

Cuomo’s answer is simple, as he told the NY Daily News.

If the women are operating as a business, then the state needs to ensure they meet tax laws and follow workers’ comp requirements. Brilliant move.  

Every New Yorker in advance already knows the answer to whether they meet the requirements of a Business Operation.  Checkmate, and out you go.

Thus the legal requirement you need to have police shut it down. That was my point just Friday night on Verizon FiOS News/RNN-TV

Also Tennis great John McEnroe says he can beat Serena Williams.


Slow down McEnroe. 

The  country has been there, done that.  It didn’t work for "Bobby" Riggs. 

Stick to commentating on tennis matches.  Serena would destroy you.
But ever the optimist, I say "good luck with that."


Mr. Vice President, Don’t Do It.

Vice President Biden, you already know how finicky the folks in my line of work can be.
The media can love you today, turn around and hate you tomorrow. 

Or stated another way, we prop you up, before the knock-down, as I argued regarding you on Verizon FiOS/RNN TV.

Go ask former Texas Governor Rick Perry. 

Before he entered the last Presidential Race, Perry was floated as perhaps the golden boy to lead the Republican Party to victory.  Then he took the plunge, and let’s just leave it at ----not remembering the third Federal Agency he would shut down live during a debate.  

Now this time around, his campaign is literally on life support financially, and Donald Trump accused the governor of only wearing glasses in an attempt to look smart.

Go ask former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy had very high poll numbers, and he was "America’s Mayor."  Somehow his strategy as a moderate of ignoring Iowa and betting on Florida didn’t work.  Here is what the Washington Post said of Giuliani back in February of this year, 

it's hard not to remember that he ran one of the most spectacularly terrible presidential campaigns in modern U.S. history.”

Yes Mr. Biden, the Democrats may have to have somebody on standby ready to go in the unlikely event that Hillary Clinton doesn’t make it.

You have served two successful terms as Obama’s Vice President, but you also ran for President several times in the past.

I didn’t mention any of your controversies or your gaffes.

Maybe you know something that the rest of us don’t regarding your future, but do you really want to take the chance with your legacy at stake.